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Hey There ! My name is Mac- Dege, this website is to help you understand the art of clothing (especially fly shoes !) but still having a part of the mind aware of whats going on in our surroundings.

I am a student at York College, majoring in journalism so that I can use my writing as a way to connect fashion and politics with others.


Did you get the new release? No worries ! Resellers to the rescue, but just pay three times the price and they’re yours.

by Mac- Dege Dessources New releases of sneakers come out almost every week, making it exciting for consumers to try and get the shoes that they like, especially the people who collect sneakers. But time after time again it’s been a challenge getting the shoes off for retail price because of resellers and their bots …

King Towers Community Center keeping teens out of the streets by celebrating and giving back for Earth Day

By: Mac-Dege Dessources The King Towers Community Center is located in Harlem. They have been here for years taking care of the communities children from generation to generation. Since COVID hit New York the center was shut down for a couple of months causing kids to either stay home or find things to do outside. …

Response to NiemanLab “Too Much Power To Twitter” article

Can you really blame journalist for relying on social media platforms to help share their stories, when they do have the power to bring eyes upon the stories giving the journalist the benefit of having more people view them as someone they can get their news from. Twitter has had opened doors for journalist in many ways, so it is …


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