Did you get the new release? No worries ! Resellers to the rescue, but just pay three times the price and they’re yours.

by Mac- Dege Dessources

New releases of sneakers come out almost every week, making it exciting for consumers to try and get the shoes that they like, especially the people who collect sneakers. But time after time again it’s been a challenge getting the shoes off for retail price because of resellers and their bots that are generated to automatically bid as much as they can to get the new release.

Apps like the sneaker app and NIKE have controlled raffles so the consumers can put their name in in order to get selected for a guaranteed opportunity in buying a shoe for retail price even if they are sold out quickly.

The user above has tried using the sneaker app to get a hold of the shoes that are shown. The shoes are called Carpet Company X High Dunks which came out March 12, 2021 at 10 am. Everyone logs into the app to submit their selections for an opportunity to receive the shoe but unfortunately for this user he did not get the shoes. The letter “L” means a loss to sneakerheads who weren’t picked to get access to the shoe.

Being able to get your hands on a new release is what the people into fashion call a blessing. Users understand that these shoes are limited and are worth more than the company itself sells them for. Six Figure Sneakerhead reports that the raffles Nike and other retail companies put up on their site for customers are to give them the opportunity to just pay the retail price for the shoe instead of paying a ridiculous price from resellers. 

Instead of some using the raffle way they would rather go to the store itself and stand online hoping to still pay the retail price. This is all to avoid the price of others selling recent shoes for hundreds of dollars.


“Have ever seen people lining up, possibly for hours to get a the new iphone. Well that is nothing compared to the sneaker world as some people actually wait days. That’s right, days!” – Six Figure Sneakerhead 

A FootLocker worker on 14th St explained how the store would get hectic every time a shoe came out. “They don’t know how to act when it comes to situations like these, they would rather stand outside day and night then pay a resellers price. Sometimes it’s just resellers.” He states that resellers would buy 5 – 10 pairs at a time because they understand the value of the shoe and how much people would die just to get them. They take advantage of the opportunity and resell it for either three times its actual price to consumers who have lost luck on getting the shoe.

Timothy Isaac was spotted on 42nd st wearing his Off White Air Jordan 4s. These shoes are hard to find and are valued up to $2,000 from resellers. The shoes collaboration with the brand Off White caused its value to go through the roof. Photo by Mac- Dege Dessources

Timothy Isaac purchased his shoes from a “plug” which in other words is called a personal reseller. The shoe retail price is $200 but Timothy bought it for $550 of of his personal reseller. Many like Timothy have chosen to just pay the price people are selling it for just so that they can finally have the shoe. “I was furious because it is not fair, regular consumers don’t even get the chance to have an eye out for shoes because resellers are already one up against us.” Many continue to go along with the cycle the sneaker industry has laid out for them, but they still do ask when resellers will be stopped for taking over the sneakers no one else can seem to get. 

King Towers Community Center keeping teens out of the streets by celebrating and giving back for Earth Day

By: Mac-Dege Dessources

The King Towers Community Center is located in Harlem. They have been here for years taking care of the communities children from generation to generation. Since COVID hit New York the center was shut down for a couple of months causing kids to either stay home or find things to do outside. The center opening back up was a challenge according to the director, Iesha Lewis. “During the months of us being closed, I would see teens staying out late, fighting, or even starting up trouble. The center gives them the opportunity to change that.” During my stay in the center teens, parents, and little children have gathered up to celebrate Earth Day and give back essential materials to the community like mask, sanitizer, and etc.

Teens were directed into a room where they were able to draw their favorite animals. In the picture the teens names are Hassan, Abdoul, and Mamadou. Before they were given papers, they had a worker explain how when we treat our world terribly it affects the animals we like as well. They listened as they were drawing and realized that littering, and etc leads to pollution. After drawing their masterpieces it was hung up on the wall so that every time they visited they would see their work. Photo by Mac-Dege Dessources
The teens names from left to right are Moussa, Adrian, Elhadj, Mamadou, Zoumana, Hassan, and Abdoul. They were observing the safari the staff have built for people to walk around and explore. While being guided in the tour they came across a room that helped them understand the importance of recycling. When asked what recycling meant to them half of them could not answer. The staff member in the picture helped them know the difference in just throwing trash and recycling. Photo by Mac-Dege Dessources
The teens are so used to just going outside with their friends playing basketball until the day was over. “School is on my laptop now so I don’t do much. To keep myself from the game I just hang out with my bros” stated Abdoul. This was a fun experience to him because he was able to be hands on and paint his name on something that would be seen by others. The teens jumped on the opportunity of leaving a mark on something that was positive and helped spread encouragement to others. Photo by Mac-Dege Dessources
A man named Corey Harris, from the community wanted to give back but did not know how. He brought his extra food and supplies to the center hoping that Earth Day would be a great opportunity to give away free food. Of course the center supported his idea and gave him chance to work with the teens. Hussein, Elhadj, and Zoumana helped hand the essentials in the community. “It was cool knowing that I probably helped a family who was in need.” Zoumana stated.

The center continuously gives the youth another direction when it comes to being apart of the community. Opening daily helping them find jobs, hobbies, and the time to be with their friends without having to worry of something bad happening. King Towers Community is still open ready to take anyone from any age- hoping to spread love and positivity throughout the community.

Response to NiemanLab “Too Much Power To Twitter” article

Can you really blame journalist for relying on social media platforms to help share their stories, when they do have the power to bring eyes upon the stories giving the journalist the benefit of having more people view them as someone they can get their news from. Twitter has had opened doors for journalist in many ways, so it is expected if they do use this to their own benefit, especially if twitter is one of the largest social media platforms now- as a journalist it is your job to understand what is trending and what it is that people are most likely to investigate so that your audience can grow.  

The article mentions the fact that journalist is using tweets as sources when it comes to the articles referring to facts etc. Which should not be a problem because if they do not have access to the actual person or can be in contact with the resources that they need the information from. For example, collecting data from former President Trump. Twitter gave journalist and others the ability to report what he says and how it affected the community. They only have access to Trumps tweets which helped them as far as updating the people.  

Granted that twitter is open to anyone whether its negative people trying to promote violence, or people who just want to spread positive quotes- there are no limits to what twitter exposes itself to. The same way that twitter brings multiple risk and hold a lot of power to the amount of people they can influence is at the same time a great thing. Giving journalist the ability to connect easily and provide to the audience they seek.  

Students choosing to drop out because of the circumstances COVID has put them through financially and mentally.

By: Mac-Dege Dessources

COVID has surfaced in America making everything change, giving us no other choice but to adapt to the new way of living. Education has shifted to stay at home learning so that the spread can deescalate, but it has caused trouble for those who can’t seem to catch up from home. Colleges have been one of the places that made a change in how they teach their students. Using platforms like blackboard, zoom and etc to try and give students who have been forced to stay home the classroom like feeling. Yes, this has been a safer way to learn but is it more effective? Lack of resources, feelings of discouragement, and a stop of in school activities is taking a toll on the decision of continuing the education that is paid for. Instead of taking this new path as an opportunity, students are viewing this as a reason to not aim for graduating.

“I saw myself becoming a better version instead of following my brother’s footsteps.” said Jones.

Zaire Jones, a former sophomore and basketball player in Bronx Community College, is leaning towards leaving school to get a job instead of dealing with the hardships of trying to make it through all his online classes. Jones was doing a phenomenal job with his classes, while balancing trying to try out for the school’s basketball team and working towards his physical education degree until everything went online.

“I felt discouraged and decided not to go back because I am already so behind, there’s no way I will be able to catch up- especially if money is already tight at home sys Jones. “Why waste my time and try to adapt if CUNY does not give me the chance to?”

Remote learning is steering the students away since they have no option but to adapt to the new way of earning their degree. Many haven’t adapted and caused them to either have failing grades or just decided to leave school. Unexpected expenses cause students to be confused and discouraged. USA Today explains the obstacle COVID has left for students. Digging deeper into the reasons why dropping out has been the ending result for most of the college participants. Many of these participants are parents, workers, or athletes that have already had to find the balance between their own schedule and school. Now that school is online the responsibility is on them to attend classes and remember assignments. Professors, counselors, and advisors don’t have the same guidance on the participants as they did before- leaving the participants to forget to check up on classes and their grades.

            “It’s hard,” says Anastasia Bitis, the coach of York College womens’ basketball team.     “Making sure that my athletes are still ‘in the mood’ for school has been another challenge on my list. Most of my girls only came into school because of the fact that we have basketball, now that there isn’t any for right now, they lost their motivation.”

York College women’s basketball team preparing for one of their last games competing before realizing that this would the last game for a while. Since corona began the team has not seen or stepped into the gym, slowly drifting away from the hope of returning. Photo by Mac-Dege Dessources

According to the Sports Journal on March 12, 2020 NCAA announced the cancelation of winter and fall sports for the safety of players, coaches and etc. A student athletes’ main priority is the sport that they play. It can be the reason for why they take on the duties of being a full-time college student. Playing is college begins the journey of opportunities in participating in a higher division or finding interest in other schools that helps step deeper into the professional level. If that was the only reason for someone to go to school, then it is likely for them to drop out because their main purpose has been taken away. “Now that fall athletic seasons are starting to be cancelled, it is important have a clear understanding regarding the overall well-being of student-athletes so that proper resources and programming interventions can be provided to assist with their preparations for the fall semester, both academically and athletically.” Sports Journal mentions. Leaving the education, the athlete once would have had in order to play seems to be the only option in their eyes. The challenge is making sure that these athletes remember that education is still key even without the participating in sports.

            The mental distress and chaos have caused college students to reconsider if that degree is worth this new way of learning. The shift with no warning left a mark on a few making it hard for them to come back to the path they set of getting that degree. The question is, what is out there for students who have been drained and effected by the change of their education?

Fit Of The Week !

This outfit was influenced by the season fall and all its warm colors.

The shirt is from the site pretylittlethings.com but is overall the brandname playboy (basically a collaboration).

The flannel ad ripped black rockstar jeans from OLD NAVY.

Shoes from Air Jordan which is called Shattered Blackboards 3.0

“Embrace Change” Socks from Urban Outfitters

Purse from Forever 21

Sneakers and Movements

Walking outside of the 103rd B and C train I was welcomed on the block with a message facing the entrance of the train station. The picture next to the important message are OFF WHITE X Nike Zoom Terra 5, from the company off white. These shoes have always been different because of the collaboration the two companies had together.

Crewneck with a message!

Clothes with a message automatically gives off who you are, what you love, and what you agree with. Sometimes it may not mean anything its just words on a piece of clothing you could wear at the time. But from the outside looking in, whatever someone reads off of your clothes is the only thing they have to see what type of person you are.

The clothing line that this crewneck is from is called ” 4hunnid”


Walking down the street you never know what you eyes may land on. The street lights, the people walking down, or even the graffiti that tells ones story.

On the corner of 116th Street and Fredrick Douglass Avenue there are many pieces of art on boarders- many artist take the boarders that they use to stop us from entering a construction site as an opportunity to draw their masterpieces. They turned something that was suppose to be basic and a blockage into a canvas.

The photo shown conveys the combination of legos and the black lives matter movement. Its as if the artist him/herself saw a way of taking something for kids and forming it into a message, a political message.