Response to NiemanLab “Too Much Power To Twitter” article

Can you really blame journalist for relying on social media platforms to help share their stories, when they do have the power to bring eyes upon the stories giving the journalist the benefit of having more people view them as someone they can get their news from. Twitter has had opened doors for journalist in many ways, so it is expected if they do use this to their own benefit, especially if twitter is one of the largest social media platforms now- as a journalist it is your job to understand what is trending and what it is that people are most likely to investigate so that your audience can grow.  

The article mentions the fact that journalist is using tweets as sources when it comes to the articles referring to facts etc. Which should not be a problem because if they do not have access to the actual person or can be in contact with the resources that they need the information from. For example, collecting data from former President Trump. Twitter gave journalist and others the ability to report what he says and how it affected the community. They only have access to Trumps tweets which helped them as far as updating the people.  

Granted that twitter is open to anyone whether its negative people trying to promote violence, or people who just want to spread positive quotes- there are no limits to what twitter exposes itself to. The same way that twitter brings multiple risk and hold a lot of power to the amount of people they can influence is at the same time a great thing. Giving journalist the ability to connect easily and provide to the audience they seek.  

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